Where It All Began

The initial thrust to form the Society for Peace came to a Carmelite nun named Sister Carmela Chetcuti.  As a cloistered Carmelite Nun, Sister received a strong message from God to pray for peace as her mission in life.  Sister dedicated her life in the monastery to offer prayers each day for peace in the hearts of people, in families, in communities and in the world.  Later in life, she was directed by God to leave the monastery to form a community dedicated to spreading the message of peace and to build a Shrine/Center for the purpose of prayer, healing, peace and reconciliation.

On August 22, 2004, people from all over the country came to South Bend to look at the idea and an architectural design.  Faith-filled spiritual guides, gifted healers, and dedicated peacemakers were all present. It was because these 15 people decided to commit to the work of peacemaking that they encouraged Sister to continue the quest for a community and Shrine of Peace. We decided to form a Board and have our first Board meeting on October 24, 2004.  From that day on we called ourselves

                                                                The Society for Peace


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