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The Society for Peace Lay Membership is a group of men and women from all different religious, economic and ethnic backgrounds dedicated to spreading peace to the world. Members of the Society for Peace are connected by a common objective:  Strive to pray and live in such a manner as to positively affect the world we live in.  Members are committed to seeking peace and healing in their own lives, dedicated to praying for peace on their own and with others and resolved to take action that helps to spread peace.


Our Lay members have faithfully met together for almost 20 years. All of us serve the Lord by living a life dedicated to seeking peace for ourselves, our families, our community and pray for peace in the world.  We teach and follow 4 simple steps to peace.  1. Pray for Peace individually each day  2. Pray collectively for peace at least once a month.  3. Work on ones inner healing  4. Do as many acts of kindness in a day as possible.  We call this the the

"Little Way of Peace".  

In 2003 Two founding members of Society for Peace, Sister Carmela and Sister Ita traveled to Rome to seek permission to begin the Society for Peace with vowed members.  We met with two distinguished leaders, Sr. Sharon Holland IHM, formost Vatican Canon Lawyer and Monsignour Sefano Canuto, responsible for all new religious organizations in the world.  We were welcomed warmly as Sisters living the vowed life. After discussing our Society and its members, we received instructions on how to begin the Society for Peace as a Private Association of the Faithful with both Lay and vowed members. We were to write Constitutions, have a formation house to train members and stay connected to the Archdiocese by means of a Chaplain who would witness our yearly renewal of vows.  We have done all this.  We wrote Constitutions for our Community, opened a retreat house which served as our formation house in St. Clair Shores Michigan USA and, each year, Father Patrick Connell, our Chaplain witnesses the renewal of our vows.  Vowed members live according the the Carmelite Rule of life which is based on a deep prayer life so the vowed members of the Society for Peace are called Carmelites of Peace.


In 2006, the organization obtained the 501C3 tax-exempt status in furtherance of our goal - to establish a shrine/center where people can come to pray, to learn, to be reconciled and to be healed.  Each person, in turn, can then become greater instruments of peace in their lives, their homes, their communities and in the world.

Throughout the years Our Mission of Peace has taken us to Europe, Australia, Africa, Canada, Mexico and all 50 States of the USA.  Our members have many various ministries which include teaching, retreats, spiritual direction, bible studies, workshops, conferences, outreach to the poor, hospice care, care for the persons with disabilities, and we have a flower shop called "Garden of Peace Florist and Gifts" where we hire in disadvantaged youth and persons with disabilities.

In 2018 Sister Carmela felt God direct her to drive her car around the perimeter of the USA to circle the USA and pray intensely for peace. She answered the call. It was truely a grace filled journey of over a month. 

Sister is going again this July 2024.  We have a gofundme page that has been reactivated for 2024 called

"A Journey Like NUN Other 2"   https://gofund.me/2bb99c9d

Your contributions will help.  For Paypal donations use our email: thesocietyforpeace@gmail.com

Otherwise please send checks to address on contact page

Thank you and May the Lord bless you with Peace. 

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